Monday, June 16, 2008

Road Trip

Been a bit of a week - massively busy at work, the 2nd round of the BSUPA series held at our home break Saturday and Sunday our daughter's 20th on Friday a flying factory trip to France Tuesday and Wednesday and a loose plan to take the Sunday night ferry to Roscoff for the first 'Summer' weeks holiday in 20 odd years.

So get the Lyon trip out of the way - if ever a company needed a European source of high quality carbon fibre tubing these are the Guys to sort it out. From a roll of carbon filament they 'weave' continuous lengths of carbon sock several layers of which is stretched onto a hard internal mandrel varying the lay-up to suit the stresses and torsions. This is then encased in a hard alloy outer mold and then injected with resin. baked and cured - amazing - this is the Time sport cycle factory - - absolutely, unquestionably the finest hand built cycle frames - can't for the life of me think of an alternative application for a product like that !!!!

The carbon weaving loom that takes a single filament and creates the 'sock' that's seen in the next shot.

Carbon 'sock' one long continous seam free tube - incredibly strong and lighter than a light thing - on Atkins. The end result - Time RXR frame and fork Mmmnn mmmn.

Managed to get a quick wave in on Friday evening at Gwithian with Gavin - neither of us had been in much over the last few weeks - it was desperate - onshore confused chop - and great fun !!! Such is the power of stand up.

Saturday working so could not enter the comp - I'm way too crap anyway - but went to the evening pasta party - Thai chicken curry actually - fantastic food - great company and enough beer and wine to agree to meet Kath and Shane afterwards where we ended up dancing at the Sandsifters I don't dance!! Got to bed just before 4.00am.

Not dancing Family shot - Kathleen - Shane - Charmaine - not sure who the ugly guy is
A Father and Daughter moment

There are worse - but it will cost you to see them - my head still hurts.

Sooo it was a bit of a blessing when I checked my phone on Sunday morning'ish to find a text from Brittany ferries saying that they had broke the boat and we would not be sailing until Monday night when they had plugged up the hole (or something like that).

And here we are van loaded clothes packed and ready to rock - je suis tres content - à bientôt.

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