Sunday, August 24, 2008

C4 fin fest - Jimmy Lewis 11' for sale

Been almost a month since my last post - combination of things conspiring against me really - I have been getting in - mainly on the C4 with the odd revisit on the Starboard. But throw in a few business trips away and it's surprising how quickly a month can pass you by.

I have been playing around with the fins on the C4 recently, I have had huge centre fins and quad set ups and even plugged the original C4 7.5" centre in with the quads - my mission mainly was to try and steady the thing up a bit at rest - if I'm honest I can't say that I've noticed a vast difference although my best sessions have come with the 2 plus 1 (larger) centre fin. So that's where I am now. Two Future 450 side biters and an 8.5" centre. I still fall off in a chop or sometimes when turning into an oncoming wave (into the wind). Catching the wave with the wind on my back is no problem - clean offshore perfection is no problem - dropping side on into crazy late steep waves is no problem - but stop paddling for a moment in choppy conditions and I'm stuffed. I think I need more inches - I should just suck it up - persevere and get it nailed - but to be straight I cant be assed - and I dont have to. So my plan is to sell the Jimmy Lewis (or swap it for something shorter ) and try and get my hands on the new Naish 9'6" fish - it seems to have the elements that I'm looking for, narrower than the Starboard wider than the C4 - tighter nose than the Extremist with more rocker - Not brave enough to contemplate the 9'3 - leave that one for Gavin!

So the advert is

Jimmy Lewis 11' for sale - one careful owner - never raced or rallied. Full length JL deck grip - full length leash - Jimmy Lewis fin - Board bag - Ainsworth alloy/nylon paddle - the whole shooting match as it came to me was £900 last October - yours for the princely sum of £600. The board is in excellent condition and has never been repaired. There are a few (2 or 3) paddle chips but minor cosmetic only. This is the perfect setup for a first board - flat water paddler - larger guy who wants to surf - and anyone that does not have the wanderlust that plagues me. I will regret selling it but have smaller fish to buy Errrghhh!

I would contemplate a swap for another SUP up to 10'6" in similar condition but it would depend on the model. (eg.10' C4 not BK Pro - 10' - 10'4" Jimmy Lewis etc).
So that's it - as always all comments welcomed and answered.