Sunday, August 24, 2008

C4 fin fest - Jimmy Lewis 11' for sale

Been almost a month since my last post - combination of things conspiring against me really - I have been getting in - mainly on the C4 with the odd revisit on the Starboard. But throw in a few business trips away and it's surprising how quickly a month can pass you by.

I have been playing around with the fins on the C4 recently, I have had huge centre fins and quad set ups and even plugged the original C4 7.5" centre in with the quads - my mission mainly was to try and steady the thing up a bit at rest - if I'm honest I can't say that I've noticed a vast difference although my best sessions have come with the 2 plus 1 (larger) centre fin. So that's where I am now. Two Future 450 side biters and an 8.5" centre. I still fall off in a chop or sometimes when turning into an oncoming wave (into the wind). Catching the wave with the wind on my back is no problem - clean offshore perfection is no problem - dropping side on into crazy late steep waves is no problem - but stop paddling for a moment in choppy conditions and I'm stuffed. I think I need more inches - I should just suck it up - persevere and get it nailed - but to be straight I cant be assed - and I dont have to. So my plan is to sell the Jimmy Lewis (or swap it for something shorter ) and try and get my hands on the new Naish 9'6" fish - it seems to have the elements that I'm looking for, narrower than the Starboard wider than the C4 - tighter nose than the Extremist with more rocker - Not brave enough to contemplate the 9'3 - leave that one for Gavin!

So the advert is

Jimmy Lewis 11' for sale - one careful owner - never raced or rallied. Full length JL deck grip - full length leash - Jimmy Lewis fin - Board bag - Ainsworth alloy/nylon paddle - the whole shooting match as it came to me was £900 last October - yours for the princely sum of £600. The board is in excellent condition and has never been repaired. There are a few (2 or 3) paddle chips but minor cosmetic only. This is the perfect setup for a first board - flat water paddler - larger guy who wants to surf - and anyone that does not have the wanderlust that plagues me. I will regret selling it but have smaller fish to buy Errrghhh!

I would contemplate a swap for another SUP up to 10'6" in similar condition but it would depend on the model. (eg.10' C4 not BK Pro - 10' - 10'4" Jimmy Lewis etc).
So that's it - as always all comments welcomed and answered.


Anonymous said...

well i for one can't wait for you to try the naish fish. i've gone from a jl11 up to starbrd12-6 across to the starbrd11-2 and down to the starbrd9-8. and now i'm thinking i'd like something a little racier, more pulled in in the nose and like that.
so: go to and buy so i can buy on yer heels!
keep up the good work ...

csx355 said...

Cheers for the message - it's nice to think that people actually read this stuff - I'm pretty much comitted to getting the Naish, the Starboard is a great board - I had a lively session on it this morning - one broken leash - one split lip but the board was ace - and I know that the I would not have stayed on the C4 in the conditions out back - lumpy 4' onshore chop. However there were a couple of sections that I missed getting around that the C4 would have made because it's faster. So like you say something a little racier would be good - I think!!

Anonymous said...

truthfully, yours is one of the better SUP blogs out there -- you just need to write more!
i just came in from a superfun session on my 9-8. it's such a great board in so many ways that i don't know if the naish could be better, only maybe different. i could be wrong about that, though; one thing i wish the starboard had is more rocker. i dunno, but the more i think about it the more i might try to beat you to the naish- buying punch.
game on!

Anonymous said...

i've been pricing out the 9-6 and boy o boy it is not cheap. one place has it at $1800 U.S., another at $1700 U.S. Add $100 or $200 in shipping, and I'd end up right in the poor house.

maybe i'll wait on this one for a while....

csx355 said...

I dont think that any have reached the UK yet, not sure when they will or what the price will be. Going to have to sell the JL and probably another board to justify it but hell - you only go round once. Appreciate all the comments feedback helps.