Sunday, July 27, 2008

Board rage strikes at last

More of the same this week - busy busy busy - Saturday night up the Bucket (our local) massive Caeser salad and trimmings BUT knowing that I'd arranged an early at Gwithian I was supping Dartmoor. Dartmoor is an ok sort of 'boys' beer about 3.9% Usually it's Hicks - HSD - my problem is when I get to the pub I'm thirsty - so I drink - If I start on Hicks (5.Something well hard %) I know that I'm going to be wasted. I'll always make it in the morning but I'll feel shite for a few hours - soooo drink Dartmoor - no hangover and arrive at the car park at 8.30 15 mins early.

Text to Gavin - 'sorry mate can't wait - it's looking on'.

Actually It was a shorter txt than that.

I'd taken the JL11 and the C4 with me - I'd thought that it was going to be fairly small but clean - magicseaweed was stating 3 1/2' at nine seconds. From what I saw there was no way the Jimmy was going in. Quick change - shuffle the boards about and off. There was no one out in front of the car park but I did pass a guy who'd just got out on a SUP - looked like a Starboard Extremist - I was in too much of a hurry to stop and say hello. Sorry - if you read this I think that you're called Dave - leave a message and say hello.

I paddled out and got stuck into some decent waist to chest high waves - one of the things that I have noticed with the C4 is that if you're fresh it's fine - if you're tired you're screwed. I find it to be the best surf machine I've ever been on - the problem is paddling it about and waiting for a wave - it's bloody hard work. A two hour sesh on the C4 feels like four on the Starboard. I had very good waves for an hour and a half or so then began to go off it a bit - sat down and then beat my way into some more.

I think that it was the guy with the Starboard's wife that paddled out Amanda?? They were taking it in turns and she caught some decent waves on what was an Extremist 9'0 - Fair play. Typically when there is someone to show off too I spent most of my time checking the hull of my board.

Gavin was Godrevy side and started getting flak from the surfers that were congregating just off Sheep's Pool. Earlier some guy on a surf ski had a pop at me - I was miles from anyone - but he felt that he just had to have a go.

Bizarre - the surf was by this time knee to waist high and fat as hell as it was approaching high tide - if these guys were any good they would be somewhere else - but they all sat together and gobbed off at the guys that actually were getting waves. Us! The surf ski guy was seeking support from people that would usually give him grief.

Later that evening I took the JL in for a low tide session - it was fun but turning the thing is hard when you have been riding something like the C4 - could be time to let it go.

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