Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day - Glass

Had a quiet'ish new years eve, packing the kit ready for our holiday, boards, paddles rods and reels and a ton of other stuff that all needs to pack down into a couple of 23kg holdalls. No bother.

Forecast was looking great for New Year's day - and it was spot on, 2-3 foot and clean as a pin - no wind. I swapped out the rear Quad fins on the 9'0 and popped in a single 8" longboard fin hoping that it would steady up the board a bit. It did. That and a slightly shorter 8' and thinner leash and the change in the boards manners was amazing. Stable and quick to accelerate it was beginning to feel familiar and comfortable. Phew!! The 9'0 is definitely borderline for me and I would say a step on from the 9'3, the larger fin evened out some of the differences between the two boards but the nose would sink away at the first sign of incorrect weighting making foot placement more critical than the 9'3. I probably only fell about four times today when holding station - hopefully that will get better.

I picked up a GoPro HD from a chap recently - brand new, unused and unwanted. I can hear the groans reverberate around SUP'dom. Anyway it was a good price and I thought why not? Today's trip was a bit experimental and I mounted it on the paddle shaft. The effect when paddling is really comical as it gives the impression of the paddle remaining stationary and me sliding myself around the paddle arc. Dead impressed with the picture quality - unfortunate how bad it makes my surfing look. Don't worry there wont be too much of this as a board mount is being sorted.

This is the spot where I was going to post a little GOPRO video but the damn thing wont load up and I cant convert the mpeg4 file into something that Windows videomaker will recognise. PC's are giving me so much grief at the moment, time for a Mac I think!

For me the 9' is everything that the 9'3 is but with a little more chili. It has a better handle and obviously it's shorter with all the practical advantages that offers. Above all if it is going to stay it's a board that is going to keep my weight in check.

January the 2nd and I managed to snag another early morning session (without the ball ache of the camera). Again this session was so much easier than the last one, again it was like glass. I had some decent waves but the swell was dropping off and the peaks were shifting about making decent shoulders hard to find.

There was a chap out on a 10'4 (I think) Jimmy Lewis this morning, it was Gut's Griffiths old board and as we chatted during the session we swapped over boards. The Jimmy was really nice, so easy to paddle and early into waves, compared to the Naish it felt sluggish to turn (unless your Guts) but still easy as. Why am I making things difficult for myself?

As good as the Hokua is (VERY GOOD) I'm still not convinced that it's for me. It will float me I can surf it but I have to be honest I'm too damn fat and just a bit too shit to get the best out of it, and that's a shame.

I was missing too many waves and felt awkward like I did in the beginning, and I don't think that I want that anymore. The trade off, more surfability versus ease of use just was not stacking up for me today. My little Nah Skell was more stable, shorter and could surf it's tits off but you really had to 'work it'. Always having to be in the right place, always having to make the correct last paddle stroke and for me with the 9'0 never being able to relax and that's in glass. I just want to surf now, I'm done blazing my own trails.

When's that 9'0 Mana available??


NC Paddle Surfer said...

I bought by first Mac last year. iMovie will make your movies so fun and easy. I'll never go back to Windows.

Bummer the 9'0 wasn't a bit wider.

csx355 said...

Hi Dwight, I cant believe how slow my NEW laptop is running. It seems like the more brain these things have the more Microsoft use it up just running the base programs and operating systems. My 4 year old laptop is actually quicker than my brand new one. It's Junk!! Just have to get my head around which Mac I need. Any tips?? Have to wait until I get back I think.

I don't actually think that it's entirely a width thing with the board. It's where it carries it's width. I think that with a slightly fuller nose and tail and less defined rail line the ease of use that comes with that will actually improve my surfing and give me more of the benefits that standup have - or maybe I'm just getting old ;-) Anyway - I'm off to Nicaragua tomorrow for three weeks of ULI love. Did I mention that I'm going on holiday??!! I'll send you some snaps. Regards Steve.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

13 inch Macbook Pro is all you need. Fast as lightning.

A 13" Mac has such a high quality screen, its comparable to a 15" Windows clunker in ease of viewing.

I have a $6000 Windows workstation at the office that is a dog compared to my $1100 Mac!

Tip, watch the hundreds of Apple instructional videos at the Apple web site during your lunch break. Then when your new Mac arrives you'll be a Mac genius and you can jump right in and make sick iMovies.