Thursday, August 23, 2012

Time to put the blog to sleep

Well it's pretty obvious that the blog has been put on the back burner over the last four or five months and if there is anyone out there still reading any of this I suppose a little explanation is due before I put it to bed permanently. 

1st things first - whilst I'm still learning I don't think my experiences are that relevant to many people any more - there is so much information out there now unlike when I started in 2007 

Secondly Charmaine and myself have bought a house, well a bungalow actually but by the time we have finished with it it's going to be a house, and we are going to have our hands full for the next 12 months or so with heat recovery systems and rainwater harvesting and such Shizz. 

Sooo thats it really have to say a MASSIVE thanks to every one that has passed by here and an even bigger THANKS to all those that stopped and commented.

MMmnnn maybe a house renovation blog diary thing   .   .   .

Anyway cheers for now - all the best Steve


SUPsurf said...

Hi Steve

Shame to hear that your putting the blog to sleep, it has always been really fun to read your thoughts and also really helpful for me starting out SUPing and choosing my ULI boards which I just adore.

My own e-zine/blog has been up since 2009 and I understand your thoughts about there now being loads of content out there on the sport - but let me tell you that your very personal insights to the sport were always much more interesting and helpful than the standard (mostly boring) board-reviews to be found on the web.

Well I hope you guys have a great time renovating the bungalow and hope to see/hear from you again sometime - hopefully out in the line-up in the ocean somewhere...

Alle the best
Martin /

castors for furniture said...
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gavin said...

end of an era mate. and that fist winter on the jimmys was just great, good times. if you ever want to escape the rubble bring your race board over this side; south westerly downwinder mousehole-marazion, 3.9miles, easy launch easy landing no matter what the swell.

nath said...

Only just seen this - I'm late to the party as usual!

Shame to hear about the end of the blog, but understand, they can become a massive drag.

Anyhow, thanks for inspiring me to start SUPing, much appreciated! See you in the sea sometime!

Good luck with the house renovation.

csx355 said...

Hi all - thanks for the kind words - I reckon that it had just run it's course and it would be kinder to leave it as a reference point in time than let me drivel on . . and on . . and on.

Who knows get the house and garden sorted and I may fire it up again.

Catch up soon - Steve

SUP Surf Boards said...

Sad to see it go! Much love man!

jdinflatables said...
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Pierre said...

Keep on surfing and blogging man