Sunday, April 20, 2008

Elegantly catching Up with a few Sessions

Been out a few times over the past month or so but in the main the conditions have been shite. In fact probably the worst since I started - consistent onshore high winds coinciding with my free time. Still one or two sessions have been excellent and we managed a really mellow high tide paddle from Gwithian to Godrevy back to Pete's Point, in and out of the stacks at the head of the beach and back to Godrevy.


The video is very shakey as the camera was swinging from my belt - to edit it I had to cut it in sections, turn it and stitch it up again. This is a first off hopefully they will get better or I will give up. Audio is poor as well - sounds like I ran over a seagull half way. BUT I managed to cover up most with a damn fine Radiohead track. The underwater stuff was when we swapped boards. I know its all a bit crap but I figure that if this blog is going to be at all credible it should contain the entire journey not just the best bits.

Pumped up the ULI for the flat water paddle - what a blast - it was good to be able to get it down the cliff without any fear of 'mashing' it as well. Swapped the ULI with Gavin for a short while - amazing the difference that the 'bounce' in the ULI makes when there is a bit of chop on the water. Just love that board it makes me smile every time I ride it. There was a bit of swell running - just enough to catch a few waves at Pete's point and Godrevy. The beach was pretty rocky at the top and again there was no worry about running the board up the beach. Also managed to 'sneak' in a very small wave sesh at Perranuthnoe - the beach was empty and the sun was going down fast but I had a bit of a blast on the 1' clean waves that were pushing through with the tide. If it was not for the SUP I would not have got in at all - and my shoulders were so work sore after. You (read I) seem to go harder in smaller stuff. It's just endless. Managed to get a wave in with Steve from Sunset one Sunday - again took the ULI but there was so much chop the smaller board would probably have been a better bet. Caught a few waves the 'bounce' effect made itself felt by burying the nose on a couple of waves. I am guessing that the 10'er - the 'Steamroller Model' is a bit stiffer. Loads of fun though - Steve is borrowing it to take it to Lake Geneva and then on to Cyprus - it's going to be a well travelled board. Had a few sessions at Godrevy - one was a bit busy but had some decent waves - the other was a 2' clean evening glass off. Hardly anyone in and endless little waves. Great work out. Stunning sunset. Managed a decent wave at Pete's Point last night - wasn't going to go in but decided to at the last minute - shared such a good wave with half a dozen surfer's and bodyboarders - thought I did alright - don't think I disgraced myself anyway. Stayed in till dark. Onshore and mushy at Gwithian this morning - bit of a laugh though - plenty of waves albeit hard work. A guy came up to me in the car park afterwards and questioned me about the board and general stand up stuff - mainly how do you get out in bigger waves. You just do. He seemed genuinely interested - then he said he thought it looked elegant - ELEGANT me?? Like a dog in an ashtray. (I'm married with kids right) - Blokes my weight don't do elegant or dainty - we do beasting and driving and powering and hawking and scratching and . . . . anyway thanks whoever you are. If you read this - and don't leave a comment - I'll be so hacked off that I will stop being elegant!! Come on you read it - comment.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog, have only read the latest stuff, but will go back to read the rest, like the shots of the 9'8"!
Had a good seesion at Saunton today, the best sets were about 3foot, with a fairly strong offshore wind, big gaps between the set so it was easy to get out, and even going out over the "green" waves didn't seem to difficult,kind of fun really, caught a few waves, but it was hard to get enough speed to catch the outside swell/waves as the offshore wind really slowed things down,
About fifty surfers out, so tried to stay clear of the main groups, also kept out the back quite a lot, most of the natives seemed friendly, and think I put in a reasonable showing, so far so good,
Anyway, good luck with the blog, and might see you on the water some time,
John, Jonysan

csx355 said...

Thanks for the comments John, much appreciated - getting out seems to be part of the fun with SUP, especially popping up over oncoming waves. With the 9'8" I have to take the wash squarley on the nose otherwise the deflection is so much it throws me off everytime. Regards Steve

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog. I think I red all the stuff and had a good time. Nice to read your thought and reasenings on the different boards you tried. I started SUPing (GONG 12" NFA) myself a month ago and it will be a supplement to my kitesurfing.

Here in Holland we have plenty of wind, but it will be great to have a tool to go o the beach and play in the water. Haven't paddle surfed yet so I hope it will be a way to get some parctise on that department. Funny how a grown-up guy can be exstatic about a little ancle high wave that was just 'surfed'.

I will be tracking your blog is it was good fun. Thanx for your efforts and energy into putting this togehter. Maybe somededay when my wave surfing ability becomes better I will take a trip trough the tunnel and visit you beaches. You guys seem to get more and better surf and SUPping is already more established then in Holland.

Greetz from the Netherlands,

csx355 said...

Thanks for the comments Roel - SUP seems to be gathering pace quickly in the UK now - Living in Cornwall we are spoilt for waves and beaches - I came to this from surfing - not been on the surfboards since!

Anonymous said...

Just read the "two sorts of stability" blog, Was interesting to read a real world review of the board, and your comments on the two axis of stability( sounds posh) also your comment about needing to hit waves square on when going out on the 9'8", sounds a challenge, but worth doing.
I want one !
and after seeing your Sportech in the photos it's going to cost me about £200 more, Thanks!!

John jonysan

csx355 said...

The 9'8" was an easy transition to make from the Jimmy Lewis 11' - it is stable but in chop it is affected more than the JL. Made me have a bit of a re-think about the whole shorter is best theory (although after a couple of super clean sessions - I want the 9'er Arrgh). You won't regret having one and it won't be hard to use and it's so much easier to get around - I love it.