Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evening Glass Off

I know that I don't put enough pictures on my blog - I've got the camera and the kit to stick it on the front of the board - but when it's good, I just want to surf and when it's iffy - I don't want to look bad, which I do - often. Plus generally when you've got a camera you tend to point it at someone else and that's fine - but by virtue of the fact that I have put the best part of my years surf exploits on this blog qualifies me as somewhat of an exhibitionist, so it's me that I want to see up here, to balance that if I'm not doing this I'm usually checking out the sites and bloggs opposite to see what everyone else is up to - so that makes me a voyeur!! Geez I wish I could make up my mind - anyway as last weeks swell began to die off we managed to catch some fantastic, waist high, clean waves at Gwithian and on this particular session shared the break with Phil and his good lady Sam on their longboards.

Phil made the mistake of taking his camera along - he now knows what I've been droning on about above - nice pics of every one else but him - ta very much - I'll make an effort to return the compliment soon.

Some nice moody shots that hopefully Phil won't mind me using - as always double click the pics to enlarge them.

The evening after this Sam borrowed my 10' ULI and was up and running like she had been on it for years.

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