Monday, September 29, 2008

Sold boards and Flat Water Paddling

Great response to my board-fest post on the for sale section on resulted in a quick and tidy sale of my trusty Starboard to Paul - hope he enjoys it as much as I have. Also have some interest in my BK Pro and may have found a 10' Diamond tail for sale - all bodes well for France in a couple of weeks. Bring it on.

Sunday saw the swell dropping away fast. Still armed with the optimism that only surfer's and fishermen understand I tooled up with the C4 - full bore surf beastie to check out an onshore knee high,uninspiring slop. Even standing watching it for twenty minutes did not make it any better. Back to Sunset Surf with Mel and Steve for a coffee and inspiration. Which is what we got -

Rory had posted on Standuppaddlesurf that he and a few mates were planning a paddle from Loe Beach at Feock to Malpas at Truro. With no surf on the horizon it seemed like the only game in town.

Rory and Pebbles

Rory, Pebbles and Andrew

View back from Malpas showing where we had come from.

Mel going upstream in full flight - great incentive to be following!!

SUP Flotilla

Denzil and Andrew

Heading out from Loe beach towards Turnaware Bar

Dog on watch

We pitched up at Loe beach at 3pm and left at 3.30pm - 6 of us - Rory and Andrew on Jimmy Lewis 11'rs (and Pebbles)!!, Denzil on a Starboard 9'8", Mel on a Starboard Ultimate Blend 11'2", Steve on his Starboard Starship 14'er and me on the 11' ULI inflatable. We planned on testing the quality of the beer at various riverside pubs on the way up river with the tide and possibly the same on the way back with the out going tide. We made the first pub - probebly the best thing really.

L-R Denzil,Rory,Mel, 'Pebbles', Steve, and Andrew

4.2 of the most scenic and tranquil miles imagineable saw us reach Malpas in about an hour and a half - quick pint en route and paddle back to Loe beach.

Star of the day was Rory's dog 'Pebbles' who quite happily sat on the front of his board all the way much to the amusement of the local yachties and other river users.

Paddling home into the sunset

Big thanks to Rory for the plan - nice to meet Andy and Denzil - hope to do it all again sometime.

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