Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Surf Doldrums

Having promised myself that I was not going to post a blog load of holiday snaps - I posted a blog load of holiday snaps - I had intended to put up a third Costa Rica post with a lots of mind blowing wildlife and natural beauty stuff you know the sort of thing - blue skies - golden sands - cold Imperial beers - the sort of stuff that you could show the wife to persuade her that it's not just a surf holiday destination there just happens to be surf there. Just didn't get round to it and then the moment was lost - the euphoria of the holiday was gone and the reality of splashing around in 9'c onshore Sunday slop sort of kicked in and I just couldn't get my ass into gear. So here is one I should have posted earlier.

An Olive Ridley Turtle laying her eggs at the end of the path between the hotel and the beach

The only decent day's surfing that I have had since i've been back was a couple of weeks ago when the high tide was about 8.30am and we had a clean 2-3' swell push through (peaking Saturday of course)still it was fun even if I struggled on the Naish a bit. I don't know if I am getting worse or my expectations are more. Twelve months ago we surfed every Sunday - regardless and every session was fun and a challenge - now we (I) are more picky resulting in more no go's. I can sort of remember the early days of my regular surfing being the same. Time to reset my parameters and get back to having a blast regardless of conditions - besides more time in adverse conditions should hone my sweet skills in preparation for when its 4' and clean, no wind and warm - and I might stand some chance of staying on the dryside a bit more - bring it on.

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