Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Our 24th wedding anniversary and Charmaines birthday this week-end - coinciding with some epic spring weather, light winds and a decent swell. I was working Saturday, away watching Al Murray on Sunday but home for a class evening session Monday - top waves at Gwithian pushing up to high tide. It's been a while and I was pretty rusty to start - usual story - before getting some decent workable waves - including my final wave home that had me crapping my self as I was hurtling towards the mid beach rocks at Godrevy - fantastic.

Decided to have a bit of a clear out board wise and thought that it was time to move my Pope Bisect Carbon Stealth Longboard on. Really difficult one this -I've made half hearted attempts to sell it before, pricing it too high to sell but just in case someone really wanted it, anyway you know how some things are just 'right' this board is one of them.

It's a Wayne Rich 9'0 Carbon Fibre (like proper black pre preg carbon fibre) Stealth performance longboard. Made in the States before Bisect farmed out their manufacture and bears the board number #007!! Really it does, and it looks like it belongs in a Bond film.

Here is the 2005 Pope Ad for the same board

Wayne Rich shapes have pedigree and Wayne appears in the Shapers Hall of Fame along with any body who is anybody http://www.theshaperstree.com/hall_of_fame/index.asp

The board is a three fin (centre and two FCS sides)with a double concave bottom and has the upgraded Carbon centre pole and carbon centre fin. It comes with the travel bag as shown in the pics below. This board makes longboard travel easy. The original price when I bought it was $1800 plus carriage, import duty and VAT. About $2400. I bought it 4 years ago when the £ was pretty strong costing about £1200. I touted it about a bit at £750 a few months back but realistically would take £575 for it now as I have not ridden any of my Longboards for the best part of two years. This board is Carbon fibre NOT epoxy remember. More pics follow -

Charmaine showing the packed away board - total assembly / disassembly time is about 1 minute, the board is very light - its hollow - and damn tough.

I could ship it pretty much anywhere subject to cleared funds being available. Message me if you are interested.

Now for the Sups

I have a C4 BK Pro 10'x 27" Rocket ship of a board that would take either a 2 plus one or a Quad set up. It has had some paddle chips but I have had it properly refinished and the board is now like new. These boards are now retailing at over £1100 - anyone will tell you that the likelyhood is that they are going to get even more expensive - check it out here https://www.2xs.co.uk/C4_10'0_BK_Pro_SUB.asp?CID=273

Yours for £600

I also have a totally gorgeous pale blue C4 10' Classic diamond tail that I bought new in October list on this is now £1050 - £695 no offfers.

So there we have it - for a day or two anyway - until the Uli Lopez arrives!!

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Desert_Weasel said...

I might be interested in the carbon fibre board, do you still have it?