Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Short Board Blues

You know what? - It's been a funny few weeks - we have been busy as hell at work and even though the clocks went forward allowing for some evening surf time a few things got in the way to 'choke up the stoke' a bit. However a couple of weeks back the forecast started shaping up for a classic few nights of swell.

Clean. (ish)

Clean = Naish oh yes - get the zipper open and unleash the beast - in my dreams !!

The tide was a small evening spring - off I trots to Pete's and - it's small, much smaller than the 4.5' forecast. Never mind in I goes to an all too familiar routine. Jump on the board first 20 minutes no major problems - not much to work with but seemed to be making the best of it - paddled back to Gwithian where there was a bit bigger wave (still desparate) and proceed to make a total cock of myself falling off, getting stuck in the backwash from the cliff - anything but ride the board. I have had some excellent sessions on the Naish - tonight just was not going to be one of them. I sneaked out hoping that no-one would spot me.

Next night similar conditions possibly a tad bigger and I went in on the C4 10 classic. Fantastic. Almost like I could do it for real. Thoroughly enjoyed myself to the extent that I did not want to get out. In fact the struggling that I had been doing on the Naish made the C4 feel so easy. I surfed my way round to the middle of Godrevy beach and made a pig of myself on the break off the mid beach rock. Great fun.

Although the surf was good all week I did not manage to get in again until Sunday morning - pushing half tide up the wave was quite full and fat with a tendency to threaten then back off - it was good fun but I was making a meal of it - even on the C4. There were a couple of other guys in as well as Gavin and myself one on a Starboard the other on a Gong. The guy on the Gong was quite tidy and smooth and put us all to shame. Would of liked a bash on the board but was a bit reluctant to ask, plus there were a few prone surfers out and with four SUPs in fairly close proximity I felt that it was prudent to surf away from the pack. It's easy to see how intimidating and domineering a few standups can be in the line up. Not that there was any hassle or poor etiquette.

I have been exchanging a few mails with Casso from Seabreeze - he currently has a 9'3 Naish and a 9'3" PSH Ripper. It was encouraging to know that he has a few stinkers each session and a couple of sessions that just don't go well.

Perhaps riding the ULI Steamroller has spoilt me - who knows? However one thing is for sure after seeing these shots of Clinton -

with more shots here

I can't wait to get my hands on an ULI LOPEZ.

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