Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quiver Clearance C4 Boards for sale

I really ought to clear some boards out from my shed - I just can't get to half of them and as I'm settling on just a couple of wave boards it strikes me as a good time to shift a couple. PLUS as anyone will tell you check out the prices of the new stock that the dealers are getting in. Some are up in price 20 - 30% due to the currency fluctuations. This should make the used boards look like very good value in comparison. So (deep breath) here go's.

My Lovely C4 BK Pro 10' x 27"

This was the first ever board that actually took my breath away, truly mental, and if it were not for the fact that I now have the NAISH I would keep it. The thing is the Naish will do everything this will AND it's only 9'3" long.

The BK is a challenging board - but as I found with the Naish it takes a bit of persistance and a few sessions to dial in, and when you do EVERYTHING else feels pedestrian in comparison when you go back. If you have only been used to riding a JL 11' this may be a step too far unless you dont carry the urrgh reserve insulation that I do, however if you are used to a Starboard, Ultimate Blend, 9'8" or 9' Extremist this board will take to a world you never knew existed.

The BK needs a decent wave, waist high plus, to get it going, it's not a lover of mush, unless it's big mush, it paddles well but you will be taking off later in the short boarders zone :).

Multiple fin set ups on this one, five fin box's mainly for Quad or 2 plus 1 - I preferred the latter.

The board had some typical C4 paddle chips on the rails which I had Whippet repair and spray in (TOTALLY UNDETECTABLE. A first class job.

The board is now in A1 - MINT - PERFECT condition. apart from the dirty wax on the nose - oh yes you can!

This is from the C4 site -

Originally built for Brian Keaulana, this Dave Parmenter shaped 10 foot wing swallow is 27 inches wide and 3 7/8 inches thick. It comes with five fin boxes so you can run it as a thruster or quad. The BoardWorks TEC construction makes this board light and strong. Wing-Swallow Tail Width: 27.0" Thickness: 3.85" Fin Array: 5-fin cluster. Adaptable to any fin combination, i.e. single, twin, tri, quad, or 2 X 1. DESIGN NOTES: The Brian Kealuana Model is the end result of a design evolution that commenced with the very first SUP short board back in 2003. This board combines a constant-curve Hawaii rocker which is calibrated to accelerate at nose and tail in sync with the pulled-in outline. The thickness distribution tapers toward the tail to allow harder turns at higher speeds, and the wing-swallow reduces tail area under the back foot, and grants greater adhesion and torque in carving turns. If you are keen on progressive, full-tilt SUP surfing and really want to push the edge of the performance envelope, this is the board for you.

C4 price the board at $1587 which works out at £1087 without any taxes and duties
Prices UK side vary from £869 if you can find one, to £1110

I want £650 Check out the Pics.

AND my very pretty C4 10' Diamond Tail Classic - which has been my first 'turn to' board since October Last year. This is what I would call 'A Gateway Board' Its takes you by the hand and gently moves you on from Tankers'ville to that magic land of 10' and below. You know the place - it's where you want to be when you walk back up the beach on a windy day with a 11' plus gliders wing.

Its fast and fairly stable but is still more performancey than my Starboard 9'8" ever was. I really liked the Starboard Extremists and Gav's 9'0'r is just magic but they dont have the nose rocker that the C4 has and that makes it difficult sometimes - The 10' classic just feels that must more 'racey' and does not complain or bog down dropping into late waves. At 28" it is more stable than the BK and as I have said it's been my first choice board whatever the conditions.

It noserides - better than I ever will - it will 'snap off the lip turns' better than I ever will. And it punches out through white water nice. That's the good stuff the bad stuff is when I got it I thought that I would protect the rails with clear tape, which I did, however like a total MUPPET I did not extend the tape far enough down the rails. Result 6 typical C4 paddle chips near the tail. There are also acouple on the nose. Not serious just normal, annoying and as such I can't describe the board as mint.

From the C4 site the price is currently $1520 - £1034 Ex taxes and carriage.

Again UK prices vary between £869 and £1050

I would take £600 (bloody chips)

OR would consider selling both as an instant ready made quiver for £1150

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