Sunday, May 10, 2009

My ULI LOPEZ is on it's way!

If you read this stuff you already know how I feel about ULI and their boards. It seems to go beyond the product itself - I have never met Chris Atkinson or Jim Weir from ULI, although I have spoken to Jim a few times - They really care about what they sell and how the customer feels. One day I'd like to hook up with them maybe share a wave or two and buy them a beer or coffee or something just to say thanks. Their boards have turned naff holidays into great ones and great ones into my all time surf fests. So you can imagine how pleased I was when I got this pic in my hotmail inbox.

Along with the tag line


How good is that? - I always preferred the shots of the black and grey to the technicolour boards and the orange and yellow ULI logo stands out nice. Should be here by the end of the week all things being equal - COME ON - I mean check it out.

If you are sitting there reading this thinking 'What the hell is he getting so revved about an inflatable surfboard for?' You have never experienced the joy of ULI ownership - the smile that the 'ULI BOUNCE' gives you - the look of incredulity on the faces of fellow surfers as you smoke another swell, and the deep, smug contentment as you pop the valve, roll it up pack it in your suitcase and flick the bird to British Airways as you check in with a 10' paddle board, paddle and pump nestling between the boardshorts and bikini's. Makes me want to book a holiday.

I had been toying with the idea of getting hold of a C4 sub vector recently as a 'less than perfect conditions' board. Extravagant I know but hey, I dont drink (much) and I don't smoke (MMnn maybe the odd cigar!). But limited supply into the UK, high prices with poor exchange rates and the fact that I have been dialling in on my Naish more and more, you know I reckon that the ULI Lopez might fill that gap. I have had some great sessions in less than perfect conditions on my 10' Steamroller at Praa Sands - real choppy onshore shite - but on the right board that can s m o o o o o t h out the chop a bit it can still be fun. Being a realist I know that the minute the wind turns onshore and cranks up above 10 - 15mph I'm going to struggle on the Naish. I'm getting better on it - this morning was just peach. Light offshores and glassy with head high sets saw Gav and myself picking off more than our fare share of nice waves, swapping boards around, and generally having a blast, perfect. The rest of the week however is going to be rough and hopefully I'm in for some ULI TIME - I'll let you know how it go's.

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