Friday, December 30, 2011

Custom NC Dumpster (almost)

He she is - first the numbers

Length 8' even if I squint I can't make it less ???

Width 30"

Nose at 1' 17 1/2"

Tail at 1' 21"

Nose rocker -

at tip 6"

1' from tail 3 1/4"

Weight 17 lbs

Glassing Schedule

Top 3 x 6oz plus a 6oz standing patch
Bottom 2 x 6oz
Hull contour - dead flat until 37" from the tail when a slight V starts and increases slightly through the fins.

Now the pictures -

Initial reaction is - I love it and I reckon I can do this, next thought - I want to go slimmer and shorter, third maybe listen to Bill next time and slim down the tail a bit, followed by,  I really need to get out and ride this puppy.  Problem is the forecast is so shite for the next week or so and we are off to Costa Rica soon. Nice dilemma.


NC Paddle Surfer said...

It looks nice and should be very stable.

The fellow who bought my big boy 7'10 is only about 185 lbs. He LOVES it. You're bigger than him, so I wouldn't worry about the big tail.

The board came out light considering the strong glass job.

nath said...

Looks great, look forward to seeing it out there, also love the flag, but as an interloper i don't think i could pull it off!

I know what you mean about the weather -I had a nice play on Boxing day and then snuck out yesterday which may have been an error! Mega windy, pretty choppy, confused waves and raining... after the second time the wind picked my board out of the water and flipped it into the air i thought discretion is the better part of valor and went in with my tail between my legs!

Good luck with the maiden voyage

Anonymous said...

i bought the 7'10" and yes I do LOVE the board. The first night I brought it home, I did the same as you...should it be thinner? narrower? my psh 8'6" had such a narrower tail...will I like this tai? Once I got in the water, I've been lit up since. It really pops. I really like the tail a lot, When catching a wave, I feel like it picks the wave up a lot easier than the PSH. It's lightning fast when you snap your turns. It's very stable and extremely responsive....your gonna love it.

csx355 said...

Happy new year every one, DW I'm a bit of a lump and did not want heel depressions so went heavy on the glass. Very happy with the outcome.

Nath - I love the paint job, thats one benefit of going custom, grab me next time you see me for a go.

Anon - thanks for posting that's made my day, desparate to get in but the forecast here is rubbish for days. I want to take it to Costa with me, just need to sort out some airline protection, might not be possible in the short time before we go.

Snowcoast Boards said...

The board looks so sturdy, I wonder how it did in action. Paddleboards Red Deer