Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Blog World

 Bill from Escape just emailed me this picture.

7'10 NC Dumpster  resplendent with St Piran's flag 
(Baner Peran The Cornish Flag)

How good does that look? I have to say I'm more than a little excited about this. In fact this picture has been giving me Tissue Issues all day!  

Massive thanks to Tris from Home blown for cutting the blank and Bill and the crew from Escape Surfboards for all the finishing and especially to Dwight over at NC Paddlesurfer for the modified Dumpster design, incentive and inspiration to get this done, My mum for her unwavering .   .   .   you get the idea.  

I've not seen it in the flesh yet and I  have to wait until next week before getting my sweaty paws all on it. Could be queuing up a New Years day session, now that would be something.

  I've no idea if I'm going to be able to ride the damn thing yet, but even if I can't, you just can't beat a bit of Cornish tribalism and this looks like pure art to me.

 "I wander if Charmaine will let me hang it on the wall? Hang on. What the hell am I thinking? It's going to be phenomenal!! Just look at it ferchrissake it's amazing  .    .     .   .   .       UUurrghmmmph "  

Oops,  SORRY slight gentleman's accident, that's five today. Can't accuse me of not being passionate about my sport. Anyway more pictures to follow as soon as. 

Thanks to all who read this blog and a massive thank you to those who have left comments over the last year - always appreciated - hope you all have a fantastic, happy Christmas and a healthy and rewarding New Year - Regards Steve.


NC Paddle Surfer said...

WOW, that looks nice!

Do he tell you the finished weight?

CB1 said...

Merry Christmas! The board looks great! Can't wait to read about her maiden voyage!

SUPsurf said...

Hey Steve - Merry Christmas to you too. Looking forward to you future posts...

NC Paddle Surfer said...

You're killing me Steve. Did you pick up the board yet?

csx355 said...

Thanks for the Christmas wish's. Ref the board I got the call that it was finished just before the Xmas break which is a massively busy time for us so it was impossible to collect it. Escape are at the other end of the county as well so I am looking at a half day round trip just driving, (Cornish roads). Bill said he was coming down with it in the break between Christmas and the New Year, can't wait.
His words were that
'The weight was good' !!
Probably not a bad thing to leave it a day or two before using it anyway.

Andy said...

Hi Steve
I've enjoyed your blogs for quite a while. I have had an Escape custom SUP for 2.5 years - it's really held up well. Not the lightest board around, I'd be interested to hear how heavy your new board is and how it goes. I'm also thinking of using one of Dwight's templates for a new board but I'm only 155lb so would want to slim the board down a bit

csx355 said...

Hi Andy - thanks for stopping by - I spoke to Bill this afternoon he is coming down with the board on Friday and will be sending a load of pics from the build through. Everyone seems to be gagging for news on this one not least Dwight, can't blame him it's his brainchild. You ought to ping Dwight a mail, he has a 7'8 version and I dare say a few more in the pipeline that might be better suited to you at your weight. The "Jackie" version might be a better prospect, he has the numbers and Escape could come up with the goods I'm sure. I'll post the weight and finished details as soon as I get the board. Regards Steve.

jdinflatables said...

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