Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Costa Rican ULI Odyssey update 2

Phew just got back tonight after 24 hours travelling - made a crappy attempt to keep the blog up from my phone but the intermittent internet connection and my fat fingers and touch screen made it next to impossible. I will do a bit of a write up when my head stops spinning in the mean time some shots of me enjoying some of the mellow Nosara waves - more to follow.

Probably the closest I'll ever get to a nose ride.

I like this shot - I'm not sure who is scared the most, me or the girl paddling out!

Exit Stage Left after day one - deck grip almost intact


NC Paddle Surfer said...

The waves look fun. More pictures please!

csx355 said...

Hi Dwight - thanks for the post we had perfect holiday waves - nothing scary just clean and consistent and on our door step - you guys look like your having a blast and getting some VIP treatment to boot.

Lots in Costa Rica said...

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