Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ULI Lopez Model V Naish 9'3"

Separated at birth?

I guess it's not a secret any more - I have been sitting on this picture for a few months now dying to post it but couldn't. This new ULI is the Gerry Lopez inspired superlight ULI. Gerry Lopez is described on Wikipedia thus

"He was widely recognized as the best tuberider in the world, and won the prestigious Pipeline Masters competition in 1972 and 1973. The Pipeline Masters, recognized as the most prestigious professional surfing contest in the world, has been named the Gerry Lopez Pipeline Masters for decades in recognition and respect of his deep and hallowed association with this legendary wave."

That's going to be one hell of a surf board - In the pic above I have compared it in plan to my Naish - I just gotta get one. The Naish is nuts - the ULI Steamroller 10' is so cool it's sublime but a ripper it isn't - it will glide and cruise with the best of them but when you want to really let your hair down (spot the bald patch?) it could do with some more rocker and a little less nose.

Still lets me do this

and cruise into no end of these

as always - click the pics to enlarge

But the Lopez is calling and I love the grey deck grip - prefer it to the shark version.


gjb said...

I see you were in CR. A good friend of mine here on Hilton Head ''who also Stand Up Paddles too'' was there the several days you were there was in CR. Upon his return he mentioned there was a paddler on a ULI getting a lot of waves. He had a great time so I bet you did too. CR is a great place been there several times but not yet to SUP. Knowing what I know now and its wave set up it would be SUP heaven. Glad to see you made is safe. Mahalo Glen

csx355 said...

Hi Glen - there was a guy with a PSH Blane Chambers that I spoke to a couple of times. He wore a cap and had check shorts I think - He said that he had organised a charity paddle. Funny thing was I was getting tons of waves met up with him and my game went to pot - he paddled off down the beach and I started picking up waves again - strange.

Nosara is such a good place waves are not huge but perfect holiday stuff.

ef said...

how was it hauling the 10'er around? i'm thinking of getting that one just because i'm more of a glider than a carver. otoh, i sure would better nose rocker. man, i wish i could be more decisive!

so: is your 10er an ordeal to haul around and blow up? i know the new one is small enuf and light enuf that you can carry it on a plane; but frankly i don't think i'd ever do that. i'd still be checking it, if only because with an uli in a carry on, i'm sure i wouldn't have much room left for anything else and i'd have to check a bag anyway.

also: i'm thinking of seeing if the local surf shop would want to share rental $$ on an ULI if I get one and that means I'd want the 10er for sure.


csx355 said...

Hey Erik - how are you doing - I'm glad that I'm not the only one that suffers from DTS - 'Decision Turmoil Syndrome'. The Steamroller is absolutely no hassle to transport - I have a heavy duty duffel 110lt that the ULI, paddle, pump and other stuff such as mask and snorkels fit in. It weigh's in about 23kg just on my baggage limit. I wouldn't want to carry it too far but a porters trolley takes care of all our bags no problem. It takes about 3minutes to pump up the board I never HAVE to top it up however sometimes I try to put more air in if the surf is a bit bigger. Usually I'm pretty much at the limit of what the pump will do. The board is bomb proof - if you were thinking about hire do the Steamroller - I have not yet seen the Lopez - I will get one but the Steamroller will take some beating. Best surf holiday I've ever had - and it's not meant to be strictly a surf holiday! Carrying the board inflated is no major drama either as the paddle fits the straps.
I think that I would always want to have a Steamroller - I am intrigued by the Lopez. Hope that this helps. Steve. P.S. I have saved some of the best surf shots and the pics were not always of the best sessions. You can really surf the Steamroller.

ef said...

that freaking does it. i'm going to get a steamroller and i'm going to do it today. well, okay, tomorrow. or the next day. but soon!
DTS -- it's a killer!
Thanks, btw, for the additional info. I'm just thinking that I'll have an easier time of it with the 10er and if travel with it is no hassle, then mo' better!
keep up the good work. i always look forward to a next post here. they're uniformly great.

Jenny said...

How does the ULI Lopez compare on the turns? Do you find that you are mentally compensating because you know its an inflatable and therefore you have lesser expectations of it? Or is it really that good?

Jen The Navigator

csx355 said...

Hi Jenny - thanks for the mail and reading the blog - I have not yet got the ULI Lopez - it's being made as we speak, Jim and Chris from ULI are flat out with demand at the moment and I'm waiting my turn. I have got a 10' Steamroller and an ULI 11'r - Riding the 10'r is no compromise and all full bore fun it really is that good. The blog article was to compare the plan shape of the new Lopez with the 9'3" Naish that I have. I can't see that Gerry Lopez would want to be associated with anything other than the real deal and everybody who has ridden the Lopez has been well impressed.I know that the guys at ULI really care about product quality and customer service. In fact it's my opinion that they don't 'shout' about their products enough. I can even see the Lopez replacing my C4 10' for those 'choppy' and smaller days at home when my Naish is just too skittish - Like tonight - 4-5' dredging onshore. Hard work on the Naish. I cant wait - and I'll post my impressions as soon as I get it. Steve