Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Costa Rican update

Just a quickie as I'm trying torf was shoulder high on the sets and clean although the wind was fairly strong offshore. It took me a little while to settle down, i thought the Uli would be a doddle after the Naish but it wasn't easy. I pearled a few then caught a few then got into my slot as i dialled in. I nailled some nice cruisy rights and lefts before racing a section and getting a peach of an under the lip coverup. Wave of the day for me.
I chatted with a couple of guys whom seemed pretty freaked that the Uli was inflatable, one even swapped boards with me for a while. He had a fair bash at it but couldn't fully get to grips with the board, his Al Merrick was quite nice. We swapped back and i decided that i ought to get back. Charms was up and ready for brekfast ~ fruit and coffee nice
update the blog from my phone whilst sitting ina leather rocking chair on our cabina porch. i've lost everything a couple of times already so forgive the crappy posting. pictures may follow - oh yes holiday snap hell .

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