Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Devil is in the Detail

Sometimes I think that I can spend too much time thinking and not enough surfing - then every now and again I'll have a conversation with someone that 'gels' all the thinking and possibly takes the surfing on a stage or two.

For instance - quite often I think that the best thing to come out of these blogs is not the post itself but the conversations resulting from, and reactions of others to the post - moral ALWAYS read the comments - and if possible leave one - even if it's to say 'wrap up'

I'm guessing that most people are like me - they want a 'magic bullet' to take their surfing on to the next level - perhaps it's a board or a fin combination or a paddle - but I want that shortcut - although honestly deep down I don't think that there is one overall quick fix.

It is fun trying different boards but is one better than another or is it just different? Everytime I ride Gavin's 9'0" Starboard Extremist I think 'this board is so much fun' but then I bog the nose down. That's my failing not the boards' - a decent surfer would make the board sing - probebly any board. But Im just mediocre and happy to search for the fix in the tools rather than the technique.

My BK Pro amazed me the first time I dropped into a late, steepish wave it instantly blew away all the trouble that I had keeping upright on it. It made it worth persevering with - pretty much my whole SUP story - dozens of challenges coupled with heaps of rewards always coming at a pace that would maintain my interest. Which brings me to the Naish, and a conversation from the comments section of the blog with Dwight from ncpaddlesurfer - he recently revisited a PSH 9'3" and it didn't have the same effect on him as the first time he rode it - it's still a good board but there are other things that he now looks for or prefers in a board - and hopefully soon he will find it in his new C4 Sub Vector.

Can't wait for the results.

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