Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Naish 9'3" Wood deck SUP first Impressions

Fantastic - Rich pitched up tonight with my new Naish 9'3" - WOW - it's gorgeous - sort of proper full in a curvy, comfy, buxom kinda way - but you could tell that it's got nails that'll make you wince (or is that rails?) the sort of girl that you just know would do . . . . sorry - lost it for a minute there - miles away - anyway the board looks pretty good.

We had to rush off early tonight so I'll have to post the pics and the 'Tale of the Tape' tommorrow - but it's paddle board porn - - dirty dirty dirty seems a shame to put a grip on - better safe than sorry though.

Just a quick once over and my first thoughts are - It's got nose - lovely, pointy, pulled in (and up) nose, and rails that are so hard and long and sharp - and a keel - well I suppose it's a double concave through the hull at least from the waist to the tail and . . . did I say nose?

It's got a dinky little glass over wood centre fin with two side biters that I have not even had out of the packet yet. We were in a hurry!! There is a two piece white full length deck grip and twin leash plugs on the beautifully formed tail all wrapped up in a decent storage bag. The carrying handle is so deep it almost go's up to my elbow - well not quite. But what a piece of kit. I'm excited -

I can't wait.

I'm almost moist.

Gotta go - b. . .


NC Paddle Surfer said...

I can't wait for the test report. I think you should skip work and go surf tomorrow. That's what I would do!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Send me the nose and tail widths so I can update my volume chart and calculations.

csx355 said...

Cheers Dwight, nice thought but can't do that - too easy for it to become a habit - besides the boss would give me a hard time!!

I'll measure it up and get the specs posted - do you measure the widths 1' from the nose and tail?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Yes, measure one foot from the nose and tail.