Monday, December 29, 2008

ULI Mania - fill your boots

Anybody who regularly reads this blog will know what a fan I am of the ULI boards. My biggest problem with them is actually keeping one available for myself - Steve from Sunset has just got back from touring New Zealand with my 10' Steamroller model and with a bit of luck should manage to get it to me in time for my holiday to Costa Rica - it's hard I know, but someone's got to go there.

Offshore prevailing winds and stunning beaches 3 minutes from my bed. OOOhhh!! Warm warm water - boardshorts - cold Imperial beer eating fish every day - stop me if I'm boring you. Message me if you want the lowdown on how to organise a seriously cost effective, megaa chilled family friendly holiday that'll blow your mind. Like waking up with erupting volcano's in your front room window.

I digress - back to the ULI - for those that have not trawled through the dross of my last 12 months worth of blog posts - well, it's the ULI that made me start this thing.

ULI - Ultra Light Inflatable (get it) surf and paddle boards. No Seriously. These boards are the absolute mutt's nutts. Basically you ride it - hard, you can't hurt it. Then you pull out the plug, roll it up - put it, the pump and the paddle (3pc) in a kit bag check it as normal luggage, jump on the nearest plane and chuckle to youself everytime you see a post about 'how to travel with a SUP' or how I got raped with an excess baggage charge by the world's freindliest airline.

ULI's are Ace and if you are really quick you should be able to snag yourself a bargain as they are having a bit of a clearout at the moment -

the saving in $ should cover the import duties to the UK, that coupled with the reduced vat at the moment (applies on the carriage as well remember) now is a good time for some inflatable loving.

If you need to see one I'm seriously thinking of renting mine out in the new year - I have heard that there is a new model on the way and I have to subsidise it somehow.

Which brings me to this - anyone interested in a Pope Bisect Carbon Stealth Wayne Rich 9'0 longboard number 007 ??? great travel board - real performance shape cost over £1200 into the UK and judging from the recent forum posts we may not see too many more of them - damn shame as the two pc boards are bloody good - the carbon is out of this world. £750 delivered into the UK - mail me for details and pics.

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ef said...

So, how do you like the 10' Uli in terms of stability and whatnot? Maybe you could compare it to the 9.8 Starboard, since I've also got one of those. Anyway, your words have got me thinking ULI ULI ULI. Do I *need* one? Nope. Do I want one? You betcha! Keep up the good work; I dig your blog!

csx355 said...

Hi Eric - The 9'8" Starboard has been one of the most stable boards that I've had - no fuss no drama. The 10' Uli is not a free ride you sort of have to work at it a bit, it's not that it's unstable more cuddly - it's an odd feeling that you soon get used to - the first session I had on mine was in a pretty messy onshore shore dump - that ended up being great fun.
The 'Uli Bounce' seems to dampen some of the sting out of messy conditions. You won't have any problem riding one - just keep your weight back when paddling out and dropping into waves. I can't recommend them too highly - Jim and the Guys are sound - bargain at the moment as well.

Thanks for the kind words on the blog - Steve

Denis said...


I definitely agree with Steve...his words made me buy an ULI (10' Camo ltd. edition)a few weeks ago and its now sitting aside of my 9'8" Starboard.
Basically, I'll still ride my 9'8" when I want to sharpen my turns a little more...but, thinking again, working my ULI with finesse is probably the same kind of fun.

And the other surfers in the lineup are really astonished to see a big kind of a standup "deluxe surf mat" surfing and gliding so well !!