Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Naish 9'3" - Did I say Moist - I meant Drenched!!!

This post is going to ramble on a bit - there's gonna be lots of new Naish pic's with some 'What I did to my new Naish stuff' then - I'm going get deep. Blog deep. Let me know what you think 'cos I'm sort of revved. That's the effect a new board has - here goes. list uploaded pics in the wrong bloody order - this one is me fitting some clear protective tape to my rails - it seems to have worked on the C4.

1" wide - normally used for cycle protection - quite thick.

That's nose!

That's nearly 7" of nose lift - almost more than Joan Rivers.

More pics of the clear tape.

That's the money shot

Nose - oh yeh!

Cute little fin - supplied - along with FCS side biters.

Original shape by Harold Iggy - Naish stats. Mine are

Tail 17" 1' off the tail
Nose 15" 1' off the nose
Weight 19lbs with all fins

I'd call that a keel - what the hell is that going to feel like?

Super sharp rails that seem to go on and on.

Check these pics out - it looks like a fat boy's shortboard.

Look I'm really sorry if my last post got a bit out of control - you know filled with sexual metaphors - about a paddle board - But if these pics don't move you - you got no soul.

But Hell that's the beauty of blog's. I can say what I want - It's my ball.

I honestly feel that the majority of people that take the time to write these things do so because it's how they (we) see it. Does that make sense? I mean - you buy a magazine - you want to read a review - but you just can't help thinking that there may be a tad of a commercial bias in there somewhere.

Even with forum's quite often they are dominated / frequented / sponsored or moderated by people that may have a commercial interest. Nothing wrong with that but sometimes I'm too scared or too intimidated to say stuff on a forum because - I don't surf 20' waves - I dont build my own boards - I can't get air, I don't know Laird Hamilton or ride endless tubes - or paddle 25miles downwind, but you know something - I dont care - I have fun - I'm always learning and if you're happy reading this stuff, well - I'm happy to write it.

Not quite sure where that came from but basically just wanted to qualify where my opinion stood in the scheme of things - I'm a paddle board numpty - I've been at it a year or so NO MORE HONEST - made some progress and been in the fortunate position where I've been able to try out a few boards.

BUT now I'm scared - I always said that my BK Pro scared me - it does - I always think that I'm never going to be able to ride it -

BUT I always do -

I've had my best surfs on that board it's sharp - it should be - it's 27" wide - Christ that 8-9" less than my waist measurement!!

But it's also 10' long - I've ridden shorter and I like it -

But the boards are as wide as France and flat as a a baking tray.

Now I've got something that I've bought that has more rocker than Elvis, and I've told the whole world (that reads this blog) about it.

What if I hate it? -

What if it's shite? - Worse -

What if I'm not good enough??? I'm going to look like a Paddlesurf blogging Cock!

You know - I don't care - I'm just like you - no different - that's why you read this - that's why all these blogs are so damn relevant - I feed off of Dwight's blog - I follow Eric's beginners blog - I love Casso's reviews - oops havn't linked to him yet - because we dont have ads - it's just how we feel - it's how you feel - it's not that we are right (or wrong) it's just an opinion -

This ones mine.


NC Paddle Surfer said...

Beautiful board! I LOVE the nose scoop. It looks just like my old Naish custom wave board (windsurfing). That board was the best wave board I ever owned. It also had more nose scoop than anything being shaped at that time. It was a special board. I called Naish Hawaii and spoke with Robbie's "mom" on the phone and she sent me a beauty. Wonderful memories from windsurfings good old days.

csx355 said...

Thanks Dwight -I'm superchuffed with this - I just hope it's pans out ok - First chance to try it will be Sunday - can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Nice board, when di you think you're going to surf it?
I wait for your report.


csx355 said...

Hi Cloclo - thanks for the message - hopefully should be getting out on it tommorrow morning - the wave bouys are showing

6am 14ft 14secs 10mph
9am 14ft 15secs 9mph 12pm 14ft 15secs 11mph

So we should have some decent waves to christen it - I'll let you know. Steve

CB1 said...

The Naish 9'3 looks sweet! Can't wait to hear your report on how it paddles, surfs, how it busts out through the white water, & etc! I hope to steal a ride on Dwight's board when he gets it, unfortunately there are not any Naish's around here to compare. Maybe Dwight will compare when he hits Oahu next month! :-)

Regarding the blog, great stuff!! Like you said, speak you mind, it is YOUR personal forum! I tend to like the blogs, more "real world" for me.

Alberto said...
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